NFA Purchases and Transfers

ICB Firearms LLC does not charge a transfer or processing fees for NFA items purchased directly from us. We utilize the latest eForms technology for all NFA processing.

ICB FIREARMS LLC charges $150 to transfer NFA items not purchased from or through us. There is an Additional $40 charge for kiosk use/ Silencer shop form processing . Trust processing is an additional $30 for each responsible person that needs to be processed.


How will ATF eForms Reduce Wait Times for NFA Tax Stamps?

ATF eForms will reduce the effort and time required to review and process ATF applications for silencers, short barrel rifles, machine gun suppressors, or any other NFA items. eForms is expected to approve a Form 4’s tax stamp within 90 days.

Who can Own NFA items such as silencers, short barrel rifles/shotguns, and machine guns?
Generally speaking, anyone 21 or older who can pass a regular background check for a firearm as long as the NFA item is legal to own in your state.
Why is there a $200 tax?
The National Firearms Act (NFA) requiring the $200 tax was passed in 1934 (you can blame your Great Grandparents for that) and has remained unchanged ever since. The approved form will have a “tax stamp” attached to prove that you paid the tax and are the legal owner.
Do I have to renew the tax stamp every year?
No, the $200 fee is a one time tax per item.
What happens if I'm denied?
In the rare event that you are denied, the ATF will refund your $200 as the taxable event is the transfer, not the application.
How long will it take to get approved?
Processing times vary but generally average about 5-6 months.
How can I check on my stamp application?
You can call the NFA branch of the ATF. You will need the name of the transferee (you), the name of the transferor (ICB Firearms LLC) and the serial number of your NFA item. (304) 616-4500.
What happens if I move out of state before my NFA item is approved?
We will have to withdraw your application and send the item to a dealer in your new state of residence where you will then resubmit the application.
Does Owning a NFA item mean the ATF can come into my home and inspect my guns at any time?
NO! This is a common myth circulated around gun shows and the internet. You do not give up your 4th amendment rights by owning a NFA item. ONLY FFL’s are subject to periodic inspections by the ATF.
What happens to the item when I die?
The NFA item will pass to your heirs on a tax free form 5.
Do I need a trust?
A trust is not required but has several legal benefits. An attorney should be consulted to determine what is best for you.
Can I make a machine gun?
NO! The manufacture of new machine guns for civilian ownership was banned in 1986 (thanks Reagan.) Machine guns legal for civilian ownership had to be made AND registered as machine guns before May 19th 1986.