The Ruger American Rifle: A First-Hand Review

Navigating the maze of hunting rifles can be a daunting task, especially when you’re faced with an array of expensive options. One rifle that aims to provide a budget-friendly yet quality alternative is the Ruger American Rifle Go Wild. But does it live up to its promise? We decided to test it at Lotus Gun Works indoor shooting range in Stuart, Florida, to find out.

Budget-Friendly but Is It Reliable? Initial Thoughts

Pros: Right off the bat, the wallet-friendly price of the Ruger American Rifle Go Wild catches your eye. The features list—complete with a free-floated, cold hammer-forged barrel and an ergonomic design cloaked in Go Wild® I-M Brush Camo—only adds to the allure.

Cons: However, when the price is low, it’s natural to question the quality. Is this rifle really up to snuff for your hunting adventures, or are you sacrificing essential attributes for the sake of saving some bucks?

Into the Range: A Deep Dive at Lotus Gun Works

We took this rifle to Lotus Gun Works in Stuart, Florida, where we put 150 rounds through it at the facility’s max distance of 80 feet. Within just 10-15 rounds, the scope zeroed in quite impressively. Shooting from a stable, seated position, we achieved a grouping of 2-3 inches. This was a strong point in favor of the rifle’s accuracy, especially for those concerned that its lower cost might equate to lesser performance.

Recoil Impressions

An added bonus was the manageable recoil. Compared to other rifles chambered in .308 caliber using the same ammunition, the Ruger American Rifle Go Wild had significantly less kickback. This not only makes for a more comfortable shooting experience but also aids in accuracy, a crucial factor when hunting.

Caveats: Despite these promising results, there’s still the lingering question of long-term durability. Sure, the rifle performs well in a controlled environment, but will it withstand the rough and tumble of the great outdoors over extended periods? Also, while the rifle does offer a user-adjustable trigger, it’s not as refined as you’d find in more expensive models.

The Verdict: A Diamond in the Rough?

Our initial tests at Lotus Gun Works were promising. The Ruger American Rifle Go Wild exceeded our expectations in terms of accuracy and manageability. The reduced recoil and rapid zeroing in of the scope prove that this rifle is more than just a budget-friendly option—it’s a contender that holds its own against pricier rivals.

Our initial thoughts…

In summary, based on our first round of testing, the Ruger American Rifle Go Wild is not just an affordable hunting rifle; it’s an excellent entry-level rifle that aligns with the high standards Ruger is known for. So, if you’re looking to enter the world of hunting without emptying your bank account, this rifle is well worth the investment.

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