A Closer Look at the Smith and Wesson FPC. Is it any good?

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For shooting enthusiasts and firearm collectors alike, this offering from Smith and Wesson—the FPC 9mm—is turning heads for all the right reasons. Let’s dive into a detailed review of this compact powerhouse, as experienced firsthand by the team at ICB Firearms.

Design and Portability

The Smith & Wesson FPC 9mm arrives neatly packed in a nice-looking soft case, demonstrating its portable prowess. The firearm itself is a foldable pistol carbine, which can be easily adjusted from a compact to a full-size configuration with a simple release mechanism on the side. This feature makes the FPC not only easy to transport but also versatile in a variety of shooting environments.

Durability and Build Quality

Upon testing, it’s clear that the FPC is built to last. The carbine’s ability to handle 250+ rounds downrange without a hitch speaks to its durability and robust construction. Additionally, its compatibility with Magpul MBUS Pro Front and Rear sights adds to its accuracy and appeal. These sights, although lacking an automatic deploy button and requiring manual adjustment, were highlighted for their slim profile and effective functionality.

Ammunition and Handling

The FPC 9mm supports considerable firepower with its magazine capacity. It comes equipped with two 23-round magazines and one 17-round magazine. The 23-rounders integrate seamlessly into the stock offering ample firepower before needing to reload any mags. However, transitioning between magazines can be somewhat cumbersome—a challenge the ICB Firearms team is still mastering. The unique magazine release mechanism requires a bit of finesse, which might take some practice to get used to.

Shooting Performance

The firearm’s performance at the range is commendable. Starting at 12 feet, the FPC demonstrated a manageable learning curve, with noticeable improvements in accuracy after a few adjustments. When tested at longer distances (up to 21 feet), it maintained precision, albeit with slight initial challenges that were quickly overcome.

Overall Impressions

The Smith & Wesson FPC 9mm is more than just a novelty. It’s a reliable, fun-to-shoot carbine that’s perfect for those looking for something unique in their arsenal. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for easy storage or discreet transport. With or without the additional MBUS Pro sights, this carbine stands out for its quality and functionality.

For anyone interested in a versatile, high-capacity firearm that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Smith & Wesson FPC 9mm comes highly recommended. It’s suitable for both range shooting and home defense, offering an exceptional balance of power and portability. Check out ICB Firearms to learn more about this intriguing new addition to the Smith & Wesson lineup or to make a purchase.

In Conclusion

The Smith & Wesson FPC 9mm is an innovative solution for firearm enthusiasts looking for a compact yet powerful carbine. Its foldable design, robust construction, and efficient use of space make it a standout option. Whether it’s for casual shooting or more serious endeavors, the FPC is worth considering. As always, don’t hesitate to contact ICB Firearms with any questions.

Want to see more? Check out our YouTube review & see it in action!

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